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Production Facilities

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Turnkey video productions

Our facilities are the best in the region, with the capability to house your next state-of-the-art feature films, television series, or commercial productions. We produce cinema-grade visuals with agility using our best-in-class equipment—including the new RED 8K V-Raptor XL, a fleet of Komodo cameras, the DJI Inspire 2 drone, and the Steadicam Zephyr.

Wrigley's Newtown studio

Our Newtown facility features a 60’x40’ cyc wall, production offices, green rooms, and a warehouse full of industry-leading equipment. The space also serves as our post-production HQ, with nine custom-built Avid edit bays (all capable of working fully remote), two offline edit bays, and an audio recording studio—so you can keep post-production in-house, too.

Lex Studios

LEX Studios is the largest production facility in the state. Home to three soundstages (81’x70’, 72’x58’, 70’x48’), numerous production offices, and ample holding spaces and green rooms, we’ve got what it takes to bring your stories to life.

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