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Creative Development

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We turn great ideas into world-class creative content

Our award-winning creative producers and directors can build concepts, shepherd scripts, and direct any element of production, from VO reads to high-concept visual FX setups and more. Our partners benefit from an inclusive, interactive creative process—which begins with a kick-off meeting where we work together to evaluate your project’s objective, target audience, tone, and production needs. This step of the creative development process helps us build a roadmap to ensure your concept is brought to life with the greatest expertise.

Your creative production partner

Without a well-defined creative strategy, even the most powerful concepts and ideas may never reach their full potential. It takes a well-honed, professional video production team to sharpen, fine-tune, and reconfigure these ideas to shape them into compelling video content. During the ideation stage, we sit down as a team, roll up our sleeves, and zero in until we have defined the core components of the project. This includes carving out the specific purpose, target audience, key message, and precise tone to get the message across and build a solid foundation for your video production.

Bringing stories to life

From crafting and refining concepts to storyboarding, drafting shot lists, and developing scripts, we’ve got experts to help with every step of the creative development process. We work extensively with our partners to hash out all the fine details to ensure our video production team has a strong foundation once filming begins. Using our findings from the ideation stage, our creative development process culminates in an on-brand and on-message blueprint that guides the project all the way from concepting to post production and distribution. We lean on collaboration with our partners throughout to revise and refine the message and visualizations until we reach our shared vision for the project.

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