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We’ve got a reputation for capturing the perfect shot.

From feature films to epic TV shows and sporting facilities and events—our aerial team has a reputation for capturing the perfect shot! Our elite drone pilots give your video production a whole new perspective, with the certifications and licensing needed to fly to wherever a project takes us. In addition to our industry-leading equipment, including the DJI Inspire 2, we boast one of the largest drone squadrons in the region. With several FAA-licensed drone pilots prepared to fly places others only dream of, we’ll take your video production above and beyond.

Your aerial video partner.

It’s important to us to be a one-stop-shop for our—and offering world-class aerial video is a big part of that! At Wrigley Media, we can say that when it comes to video production, we really do it all under one roof—especially when it comes to aerial footage. Our expert producers collaborate with our aerial team to carefully plan and coordinate every aspect of your video production to ensure we get the best shot possible. This includes obtaining any necessary permits, as well as rehearsing the shoot and scouting locations. We’ll also take weather and lighting conditions into consideration to protect the quality and impact of your footage.

A whole new perspective.

Aerial footage adds a lot of production value to a video project. From capturing images that may be difficult or impossible to obtain from the ground to adding dynamic and dramatic elements to a production, drone footage enhances the visual experience of all the content we create. Our aerial experts know how to use drone footage in a variety of ways to amplify your video productions, from beauty shots to mapping out architectural plans and capturing footage from varying heights and angles. Plus, drones are just plain cool! Our drones range from small and nimble to large enough to carry our RED—Wrigley’s biggest camera by far!

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