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Experts in video distribution.

Some video production companies help produce your videos; others help you distribute them to the right audiences—Wrigley does both! Whether you’re a network, brand, business, filmmaker, or storyteller, getting your work seen by the right audiences is the end goal. Without the proper distribution, the audiences most important to your video project may never get the chance to see it. Our team at Wrigley will bring your work to them—leveraging our relationships with leaders in the entertainment industry across the country to distribute to a broad range of platforms and ensure your work gets seen.

Your strategic distribution partner.

With our vast experience and relationships in the television space, we can assist with sales and/or licensing via broadcast, streamers, cable, or digital. Our well-connected squad of expert producers can also help your team navigate the FCC’s broadcasting laws and regulations to help you get ahead of potential policies and compliances that could impact your video production. We stay informed and actively engaged with the best practices for broadcast advertising and programming so that you can get the most out of distribution for your video production.

Let’s get you in front of the right audiences.        

One key to successful strategic distribution is expert creative strategy. Creative development that considers the audience beforehand will have the biggest impact on successful video distribution. Our creative development teams work closely in hand with our experts in video distribution to ensure we keep your key audience and demographic in mind during concepting—including which lengths, visuals, and platforms they are more likely to engage with. Our targeted video creatives, combined with expert distribution, mean we won’t just get your video in front of the right audiences—we’ll help you deliver content they actually want to see.

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