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Expert media solutions—from concept to distribution.

As a GSA contract holder, we are a trusted advisor to government and private sector clients. Our highly experienced, award-winning industry professionals provide comprehensive marketing, media, and video production services that allow our private sector customers to craft compelling messaging that delivers results—from initial creative development all the way to high-quality production and final editing. As a comprehensive provider of video production services, we own all of our state-of-the-art video and audio equipment—including Kentucky’s largest public-use studio and one of the largest fully-licensed drone squadrons in the region—to give our partners access to the best in video production technology, all under one roof.  

Your GSA media partner.

Our turn-key approach allows Wrigley Media Group to be a resource to many government and quasi-governmental agencies. Whether you need training resources, recruitment videos, live-streaming, service launches, promo videos, web and TV commercials, or even full post production video editing, we have you covered. And, our services don’t stop once the final product is complete. With our vast experience and relationships in the television space, we know how to get your message in front of the right audience to deliver the most impact. Our strategic distribution experts are experienced in connecting with audiences in all new creative, organic ways.   

GSA contract holder. 

Our full-service creative and production teams support government and private-sector clients in all facets of video production. By producing strategic, engaging, and shareable video content, we’ll help you reach your audience and advance your goals. Our extensive experience with a diverse range of government clients means we know how to work under a strict budget while still producing high-quality, creative video content. And, our full-service approach means we’ll be with you every step of the way—from building concepts and scripts to budgeting, coordinating, editing, and strategic distribution.

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