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Field Production

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Bringing stories to life—outside the studio.

When it comes to capturing world-class video content outside of a studio or controlled environment, you need a crew that’s up to the challenge. Our expert fleet of trucks, cameras, drones, gear, and crew is on standby and poised to meet any video production challenge. Plus, our best-in-class production facilities are located only a day’s drive from 70% of the country’s population, so we’re ready to meet you where you’re at—and fast. From promotional videos to live sporting events and large-scale productions with multiple cameras and crew members, our skilled team has the experience needed to capture the perfect shot—in any environment.

Your field production partner.

Pre-production is critical for any field production, and our tenacious squad of producers knows what it takes to bring your stories to life. We can help to ensure your teams has all the necessary equipment, personnel, and resources in place before you begin shooting. From scouting locations to securing permits, scheduling crew and talent, and securing specialized equipment, we know how to navigate the logistical challenges of any field production.

We’re out in the field.

Field production adds a layer of authenticity and engagement to your video production—but it takes the right equipment. Luckily, Wrigley’s video production team has all the specialized field equipment your crew needs—all under one roof! From our industry-leading DJI Inspire 2 drone to our Steadicam Zephyr, DJI Ronin 2, and both an Easyrig and a Ready Rig, we’re always ready for a day out in the field. And, we’ve got an arsenal of cameras, lenses, lighting equipment, and sound equipment back at our best-in-class studio space to cover all your video production needs in-house.

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